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To help ensure the best possible finished product in the least amount of time and to minimize your costs, please prepare your quilt top and back. Guidelines are listed below.




  • If the top has a "top" in relation to the back, please mark it with a safety pin. Mark the back in the same manner.

  • If the top is to be centered in the back, please include that information in the package.

  • Please do not pin, baste or tape the top, batting and back together.

Preparing Your Quilt

multicolored quilt
Top Preparation


  • Your top must be clean, well pressed and lay flat to prevent puckering. Make sure that all seams are pressed flat and points and threads are clipped and removed, or they may show through later. Please remove pins or basting threads.

  • Square-up and trim quilt top to its final size—measuring the same amount in three places in both directions.


Back Preparation


  • You have spent a lot of time and effort on the quilt top, so choose a back that complements your work.

  • A figured or patterned back will usually enhance the top much more than a plain solid color.

  • Press seams (you may press these seams open if you desire).

  • Measure and press backing fabric —it should measure 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your top.

  • Flat sheets generally do not make the best backs, but I will work with them if you remove all seams and iron out all creases. An additional charge of $15 will be applied to prepare an unprepared flat sheet.


Packing for Shipment


  • Please do not pin your top, batting, or back together.

  • Mark top and back for proper orientation.

  • Place project in bag for added protection.

  • Include contact information and return address.

  • Notify me of its shipment.

  • I will contact you upon your package's arrival.

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