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Do you love to piece together those treasured quilt tops, but then face the challenge of handling the large quilt with your home sewing machine? 


Stitch My Quilt has the solution and can turn your unfinished quilt top into the beautiful quilt it was meant to be! 


Darlene founded Stitch My Quilt with more than 25 years of quilting experience and a passion for helping customers craft one-of-a-kind creations. 


Edge-to-edge and customized quilting services are available in a variety of unique patterns and designs. All quilting is done freehand or computer-aided on a TinLizzie quilting machine. Several price ranges are available to meet your individual needs.


Read more about Stitch My Quilt’s full range of services.


Clients in the St. Louis region are seen by appointment. If you live outside the St. Louis area, you may ship your quilt. Use our contact form to request details on shipping procedures.



Scappy Daisy Pic1.jpeg
Cotton and Steel.jpg
Epic Quilt.jpg
Semi-custom pic.PNG
software-quilted pic 1.jpg
Custom Pic.PNG
Crane with Sidelights
Aviary Photo_130807617384200747.png
Aviary Photo_130807613220240456.png
Aviary Photo_130807878694112650.png
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